Lighting directions

The foil that contains QuickFire is comprised of pressed oil and is NON Toxic as well as environmentally friendly. QuickFire is designed to be lit by using the foil as a wick and lighting one of the corners to ignite the whole pouch.You do not need to open the pouch to light QuickFire for standard use.

Good advice for lighting a fire in a fire place or wood-burning stove: 

  • Use clean and dry wood.
  • Make sure that there is ample ventilation.
  • Light little by little - start with smaller kindling and logs and add as desired.
  • Never use any kind of starter liquid when lighting a fire while using QuickFire.
  • Use clean dry wood for fastest start times.

Good advice for lighting the barbeque:

Fill up the chimney starter with charcoals, place it on top of 2-3 Quickfire firestarter sachets and light them. After app. 5 - 10 minutes, the charcoal will be ready. When they are covered by a gray layer of ash, you spread them out in an even layer over the charcoal grill if you intend to barbeque by using the direct roasting method. If you want to use the indirect roasting method, you place the charcoals on each side of the barbecue.

Avoid using lighter fluids as this may give off smells and aftertaste to the meat.


Good advice for lighting using a flint or striker:

Open QuickFire pouch to expose internal material.  Use flint or striker to create spark directly onto QuickFire material to ignite.

Never use a barbecue indoors.
The Quickfire firestarter sachets must be kept out of children’s reach.